Project Summary: Tech Vision Quest

Two boys looking at computer model they createdLead: C++ Game Programming
Contact: Robert French
Contact E-mail:
Project Dates: October 24-25, 2012
Total Number of Youth Served: 126
Funding: $964

Project Summary:
Tech Vision Quest was a 1.5 hour program designed to engage middle schools students (grades 6-8) in computer science programs.  Students were presented with an orientation to Video Game Design Programming and allowed access to computers to build elements of computer games.  During the presentation, participants were presented samples of finished video games and game elements to generate interests in computer science (30 minutes).  Participants were then guided through activities that enabled them to build elements of video games on a computer (60 minutes).

Project Impact:Classroom full of students working on computers
The expected outcomes of the project are to build enrollment in computer science programs at the Lake County Schools Technology Campus.  Participants will have the opportunity to enroll in programs at that location at a future date.  Similarly, a rising concern is the raw number of students requiring special accommodations to successfully implement the required curriculum.  Those students with accommodations were provided resources to make the curriculum more accessible.

Classroom full of students raising their hands to answer a questionHow did this project benefit from being a collaborative effort?
Without the collaboration of the Lake County Vocational System (LCVAS), the event would not have been possible.  The LCVAS provided transportation, security, handouts, and meals to all participants and volunteers.

Final Budget
Item CSCP Funding Other Funds Source of Other Funds TOTAL FUNDS
Presenter Stipends   $5,433.00 CTEI Grant $5,433.00
Supplies (backpacks, pens)   $2,500.00 CTEI Grant $2,500.00
Benefits   $227.00 CTEI Grant $227.00
Transporation/Security   $1,864.00 CTEI Grant $1,864.00
Zoom Text $335.00     $335.00
JAWS $260.00     $260.00
Intellikeys $369.00     $369.00
Total $964.00 $10,024.00   $10,988.00