Project Summary: High School/High Tech Internships of Lee & Charlotte Counties

Lead: Goodwill Industries of Southwest FloridaGroup photo of two high schooil students and their two program leaders
Contact: Tim Goodman
Contact E-mail:
Project Dates: July 1 – July 31, 2012
Total Number of Youth Served: 5
Funding: $2790.33

Project Summary:
The project was designed to target high school students and new high school graduates with disabilities with an emphasis on reaching out to female minority participants in the Florida High School/High Tech Program.  The activities, centered on internship experiences, were all based in IT Departments.  For example, two interns worked for the Sheriff’s Office in IT updating Toughbook laptops by first “wiping” the hard drives, restoring original factory settings and installing new deputy training software.  Another intern worked for the Homeless Coalition in the IT Department in cooperation with the PR/Dev. Department on developing software for non-profits to create integrated donor databases.  This included development of functions and fields and testing the software to determine where improvements needed to be made.  At High Tech North in Cape Coral, a student engaged in valuable hands-on training. The intern tore down old computers and set up, rewired, and updated new compHigh school students smiles at camera behind him from a computer deskuters for an entire vocational education training center.  At SWFL Works (Career Center), an intern rebuilt Windows operating systems on desktop computers and laptops. The intern also installed updates on various operating systems and software.  He also assisted with tasks related to helpdesk assignments.

Project Impact:
The interns are significantly less intimidated by the thought of working in Information Technology and Computing.  They have gained skills that could help them to apply for and possibly obtain entry level jobs in computing.  We believe that these experiences have made a great step in our program goal of helping our participants to “begin to see technology-focused careers as real and positive options.”

How did this project benefit from being a collaborative effort?High school students typing into her computer screen
Major benefits included a broadening of the base from which internship experiences could be chosen, and the establishment of new community partnerships.  These will likely develop to include various career-related education and enrichment activities for the participants of the High School/High Tech Programs in Southwest Florida.

Final Budget
Item CSCP Funding Other Funds Source of Other Funds TOTAL FUNDS

Internships Stipends
• 2 internships @ $7.70/hour x 60 hours &
• 3 internships @ $7.70/hour x 75 hours

(60 hours CSCP, 15 hours from CVS grant) + internship insurance coverage

$2,790.33 $231.00 Goodwill Industries of SWFL (CVS grant) $3,021.33
Total $2,790.33 $231.00   $3,021.33