Project Summary: Good Shepherd Services After School Program at Middle School 206B

Lead: Good Shepherd Services
Row of middle school boys working on computers side by sideContact: Quinton Ervin, Program Director
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Project Dates: April 16 – June 22, 2012
Project Location: Bronx, New York
Total Number of Youth Served: 25 middle school students
Funding: $2,500

Project Summary:
The TechJam Juntos project provided 25 middle school students with 10 weeks of hands-on technology workshops for developing the computer programming skills and knowledge necessary to become producers of digital content. Students also had the opportunity to visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab and the New York Hall of Science. These field trips were intended to create connections between technology and creativity for participants. The Hackasaurus program, which includes “hack jam” events and online games designed to make it easy for youth to explore and create technology on the web, also provided opportunities to connect with technology professionals to learn about careers in computer science.

The fun and intense workshops provided the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders with the opportunity to acquire web design and development skills. These skills allowed them to develop good “hacker habits” to become active co-creators in designing their environment. Students also facilitated a final workshop for a group of twenty 5th graders introducing them to web design. The TechJam Juntos students had a closing ceremony at The After-School Corporation (TASC) with HIVE NYC Mozilla to meet other students involved in Hackasaurus events and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Project Impact:
Our overall goal was to provide our students with quality computer engineering activities to gain technical skills and develop analytical thinking. All 25 participants filled out evaluations. Results include:

  • All participants mentioned new concepts they had learned.DJ Cat program on computer screen
  • 80% of the students attended and completed the entire program.
  • The highest rated activities were the Hackasaurus workshops, learning and using web design skills.
  • 75% indicated that they had a much broader knowledge of the various jobs requiring computer science skills.
  • 70% indicated enjoyment of the activities, a desire to see their continuation and/or acknowledged their educational value in the comments section.

The students enjoyed learning the new web design skills and the opportunity to teach younger students the same skills. They expressed a strong interest to continue to teach these skills with other students/parents in their school at a later date.

How did this project benefit from being a collaborative effort?
TechJam Juntos was a collaborative effort between Good Shepherd Services, Hunter Frontiers of Urban Science Exploration (FUSE), The After-School Corporation (TASC), and HIVE NYC Mozilla Foundation with strong involvement from all participants. Our constant challenge was making sure that there were outside events supporting computer science and web design geared to middle school students. Unfortunately most of the events were geared to high school students. The Computer Science Collaboration Project provided the encouragement, information, and funding to enable us to reach out to the Hispanic/Latino(a) communities in the Bronx. Based on the positive feedback we received about this new activity, we plan on making it a permanent addition to the schedule each spring.

Final Budget:
Item CSCP Funding Other Funds Source of Other Funds Total Funds
Event Facilities   In-Kind

Middle School 206

The After-School Corporation

Good Shepherd Services

Transporation $1,500     $1,500
Food $300     $300
Activity Supplies $500



Good Shepherd Services

HIVE NYC Mozilla Foundation

Staff and Student Instructor Stipends $2,700 $3,000

Good Shepherd Services

Hunter FUSE

HIVE NYC Mozilla Foundation

TOTAL $5,000 $3,500   $8,500