Allegheny Mt Top Public Library

Allegheny Mt. Top Public Library is located in Mt Storm, WV and is the branch of the Moomau-Grant County Public Library and part of the West Virginia Public Library system.

We currently house approximately 25,000 titles. We also offer VHS, DVDs, magazines and a growing collection of audio books. We supply the community with services that include copy, fax, three public access computers, and free Wi-Fi for our Patrons with their own laptops, e-readers, tablets or other mobile devices.

 Our library began in two rooms of the former Mount Storm Grade School; as a dream of the then Grant County Library Director, Betty McCartney. She wanted a library in place on the mountain top. Her dream was realized when the library opened in February 1978. An outpost library was established in 1984 at the present location in the Mt. Storm Community Park. Our building has continued to grow with two additions and our goal offer our Patrons quality services and programs. We hope that you will stop by and see us. You can also check out our calendar to learn the dates and times of all our wonderful programs. If you would like to help us in our endeavors you could always volunteer or meet some amazing people by joining our friends of the library group. 

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