Alexa Café: All-Girls Program

This summer, uncover a hidden talent. Meet new friends. Make a difference. At Alexa Café, girls ages 10-15 collaborate around café tables and can learn to code apps, produce films, design websites, develop wearable electronics, and more. High-energy, hands-on courses are taught in small clusters of just 8 girls per instructor, uniquely emphasizing leadership, philanthropy, brand identity, and innovation. Plus, like other iD Tech summer programs, Alexa Café is inclusive of every background, skill level, and learning style.

After a sold-out inaugural season, Alexa Café has expanded to prestigious campuses nationwide, including Mills College, Bryn Mawr, Georgia Tech, and others. Now it's the largest all-girls tech camp in the country. Courses include Sugar Coded, Electric Latte, Game Swirl, Design Barista, Cinema Twist, Javaccino, Café Electric, Game Pop, and Cinemocha. No matter your passion, technology should be fun and meaningful. Join the Girls in Tech movement today!, There are still a few spots left—register up until the day before camp starts!

Program Contact Info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Program Advisor
910 E. Hamilton Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
United States
Social Media
Program Details
Program Focus: 
Program Focus: 
Computer Science
Program Focus: 
Digital Media Production
Program Focus: 
Program Focus: 
Program Focus: 
Girls served annually: 
Boys served annually: 

Collaboration Interests

working with K-12 schools
working with higher education

Available Resources/Activities

STEM curriculum/activities
computer access

Populations Served

high school

Needed Resources/Activities

girls interested in STEM

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